9 February, 2016

Interview with José Luis Almazón vice PIPE in the newspaper Expansión

Contrary to what the current acting Government asserts, José Luis Almazán believes that the previous administration of Puertos del Estado has been poor. ‘Little has been done for the ports’ competitiveness’, he points out in an interview. In his opinion, the new administration should focus on resolving outstanding issues and […]
20 December, 2015

Recovery passes through the ports

  Our ports are key for Spanish exports—one of the main drivers for the economic recovery—they are of vital importance in their role of contributing to the socioeconomic development of Spain. The Spanish port system faces important challenges, although if all the agents involved were to join forces, the current […]
24 July, 2015

PIPE organiza un desayuno en la Agencia EFE con Álvaro Nadal

The Executive Vice-President and Spokesperson for PIPE, José Luis Almazán, and Álvaro Nadal, Head of the President’s Economic Bureau, were the protagonists of the forum organised by Agencia EFE on ‘The ports as Spain’s economic driver’. During his participation in the forum, Almazán explained that, according to what the sector […]